Students will be issued ‘PINK’, ‘YELLOW’ and ‘RED’ cards for serious or habitual breach of discipline.

The card, when issued, has to be returned has to be returned on the next day signed by parent; otherwise will not be admitted to the class.


To be issued to the defaulted student for the following:


To be issued to the defaulter student concerned in the presence of the co-coordinators and the parents for the following :


To be issued to the defaulter student concerned in the presence of the principal and parents for the following:





  1. To greet your teachers in pleasant and audible tone or voice wherever and audible tone or voice wherever you meet them in school or outside.
  2. To stand when any sister, teacher or visitor enters or passes through any room in which you happen to be.
  3. To avoid dropping papers in the school premises and to pick up any such paper dropped by others and not to pour ink on your desk and floor.
  4. To be polite in speech and avoid vulgarity in your talk and behavior.
  5. To take care never to interrupt any one who is talking.
  6. To handle carefully the common things like furnitures, library books, laboratory things, sports materials etc. And to report any damage which you may observe.
  7. To observe silence during change of period.
  8. To walk in single file and in silence, when you move along the veranda from one class to another.
  9. To be docile in your obedience for your parents and teachers, giving them always therespect and affection that is their due and accepting guidance and correction with gratitude.
  10. To be always friendly with one another in or out of the school.
  11. To accept whatever work is assigned to you as your rightful share.
  12. To be courteous to and sportsman like with opposing, teams and with officials.
  13. To respect the liberty & rights of others.
  14. To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere.
  15. To have consideration for others always.
  16. To see the needs and volunteer help to all with whom you come in correct in and out of the school.